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  1. Signal 11 Lures
    We have been making SWEET DREAMS Bear attractant for a few years now. It is WEATHER PROOF and sticks to everything! It is a super sweet aroma gel that drives bear crazy! It draws them in and keeps them coming back! Its great as a stand alone attractant which you would spread on trees about 5...
  2. Bear
    LETS CELEBRATE! The New Jersey Fish and Wildlife Council approved a 2016 October black bear hunt. It's a six day archery hunt and the last three days is open to black powder. New Jersey will have a split bear season, 6 days in October and the origina Havent seen any posts on this yet, but a 6...
  3. Bear
    Hi all, I haven't hunted bear in NJ, but after viewing my trail cam pics in August and September, I put it for the lottery to hunt Yogi. When does Fish and Game announce lottery winners? I recall getting emailed for Spring Turkey. I have checked in frequently, and keep getting the pending...
1-3 of 3 Results