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  1. General Comments & Information
    Got out there the other day, as hunting is now here. Fishing will be alot less ,Ill be chasing a different type of tail and hunting for a big buck! But heres some footage from my last trip, Caught a bunch of bass in Northern NJ and was a good bite all around.
  2. Classifieds (Free)
    I have a St. Croix Legend Extreme Rod for sale. The rod is basically brand new, i have only used it maybe 3 times, with no signs of wear. I have it paired with a Abu Garcia Winch reel. Both are for sale, as a setup or separate. The reel is in the same condition as the rod, like new. I bought the...
  3. Fishing
    Just some friendly instructions on how to tie a San Diego Jam Knot from our very own Zach Caudle. Let me know your thoughts.
  4. Fishing
    Hey guys, Here is a cool article by Justin Hoffman talking about fishing for bass in the fall. Let me know your thoughts. Do you agree? Is there something else that we should know? Seasonal factors are the best indicators for narrowing down locational patterns in the game fish we...
1-4 of 4 Results