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  1. General Comments & Information
    Had a 12 ga camo Remington versamax fall off of tailgate in the area of Cologne Ave in Hamilton Twp. during 6 day. Was in a green sock. This gun had great sentimental value to me and I am willing to pay more than what it’s worth to get it back, no questions asked. I can show pics and proof of...
  2. Signal 11 Lures
    We have been making SWEET DREAMS Bear attractant for a few years now. It is WEATHER PROOF and sticks to everything! It is a super sweet aroma gel that drives bear crazy! It draws them in and keeps them coming back! Its great as a stand alone attractant which you would spread on trees about 5...
  3. General Comments & Information
    Got some deer apples if anybody wants to buy some
  4. Fishing
    I'm watching filthy riches on national geographic and wondering where to dig bloodworms in nj.
  5. General Comments & Information
    After continually seeing so called rants at the top of updated New posts going over 10 pages long, it is obvious that we need another section added to the site. It doesn't feel right seeing them under General comments. So with the help of everyone we can come up with a New forum name.
  6. Deer Action
    I have been hunting deer for about 4 years now but recently I have just built a blind in the woods and tonight and tommoro im going out and setting some apples out and sweet potatoes and all that but I was thinking of making a 5 gallon bucket feeder for corn but I don't know if I should build a...
  7. General Comments & Information
    Ok so I did not see a single deer today. I have been laying some apples and corn out in one of my spots that I have always seemed to get a lot of trail cam pics of deer at. I had it out for about 2 weeks and got 600 plus pics, about 400 being deer. Many different does and the same 2 bucks. I...
  8. General Comments & Information
    Whats your favorite type of deer bait
  9. Classifieds (Free)
    I've got apple trees that produced "not so hot" apples... $2 per 5gal pail. Been mixing them with oats,corn and molasses...sounds a bit pricey...well worth it...!
  10. General Comments & Information
    Deer Corn in 50lb Bags at Tidbury Creek Farms $9.00 per bag 313 Spotswood Gravel Hill Rd Monroe Township, NJ 08831...
  11. Fishing
    With the first week coming to a close here is my report. Opening day i smartened up this year and went out at around 1pm and stayed away from well known spots, my fiance and i found ourselves fishing alone on some small creeks and by 4pm both of us had our limits ( all brookies, All were grilled...
1-11 of 11 Results