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  1. Miscellaneous Alumninum Arrows and Shafts

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    Miscellaneous Aluminum Arrows and Shafts 10 Type XX75 orange #1916 with three 4” vanes 28 ½” 4 Type XX75 orange #2114 with three 4” vanes 25” 6 Type XX75 gold #1913 with three 3” vanes 27” 4 Type XX75 orange #1916 with three 4” vanes 25” 9 Type XX75 orange #2114 with three 4” vanes 27 ¼” 6...
  2. 6 NEW Easton Full Metal Jacket Injexion Arrows w/ Blue and White Fletchings and Wraps

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    Someone is going to save some money here, plain and simple because I need to sell brand new arrows I won't be able to use. I sold my Mathews No-Cam on here because I'm moving for work and I had bought these arrows for this fall before getting the job offer. You can see at Lancaster Archery or...
  3. Easton ST Epic Carbon Arrows (new)

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    Easton ST Epic N-Fused Carbon Arrows (1 dozen) #500, 7.3 GPI, 29" long with nocks and inserts, three 4" vanes) bought these new and never used them $50 for six or $100 for twelve Pick up near Califon, NJ
  4. Easton FlatLine Brand New 15 arrows 400 grain 27 1/2 inch

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    Selling Easton Flatline 400 grain arrows brand new never shot way to short I have 15 of them they are 27 1-2 inches. Make me a offer no low balling please thank you.
  5. Carbon Express Crossbow lighted nocks

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    Carbon Express Launchpad lighted nocks.... $15... Unused!