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  1. What is an AR-15 charging Handle?

    Long Rifles & Muzzleloaders
    The charging handle of an AR-15 is not used for chambering around alone. It is also a component that clears out the bullet. From either side, you can charge the AR15. That won’t be a hindrance at all for individuals who use the AR-15 as their primary weapon. What matters is the right level of...
  2. WTS/T - Rock Climbing Gear - Full Rack!

    Classifieds (Free)
    Want to sell OR trade for AR or AK All gear in great condition -some even UNUSED; no major falls on lead (I discarded anything questionable...even if I dropped a biner from higher than 10ft...I don't mess around with safety). I included the rope, but if you're not interested in a brand new...
  3. Some AR-15 Accessories / Parts For Sale - Bordentown (Burlington/Mercer County Line)

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    I've got a bunch of (mostly all) unused AR-15 rifle Parts/accesssories. Nothing Wrong with them, just things that went on and came offf over time and I've built up quite a stockpile, so I figured I could stand to slim it down a little bit, running out of room on my smithbench. I will mail but...
  4. New Built Ar-15 Del-Ton Lower For Sale - Bordentown - 300.00

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    Delton Lower Receiver with CMMG mil-spec parts kit. Just finished bulding her and function testing. Shes in mint condition and never fired a round, function tests flawlessly. Del-Ton Quality. First "I'll Take It" for 300.00 time stamp winner gets it. I can put a pic up if you like, but I...
  5. Guns for sale

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    SPRINGFIELD M1A condition 95% = $1800 o/bo FN FS 2000 condition 90%=2200 o/bo . POF stripped lower $500 FIRM...