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    Hey guys!! Got my eye on this S&W 22A LR. I've read so many mixed reviews and was wondering if anybody here has any input. This will be my first handgun and I am on a budget. Might use it as a range/small game/ walk around the woods and shoot trees/keep next to the bed gun. Open to...
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    I have the following quantities of 9mm & .223 LR priced accordingly. I'm selling them for what I paid for them. Just trying to help others out. I have the receipts to prove all prices. I don't believe in price gouging. Buyer must be 21 yrs or older (18 yrs for rifle ammo) w/ valid NJ FID card...
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    SOLD! OPS please delete. SOLD. OPS please delete.
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    The Dicks in cherry hill has remington 22lr in. $10 for 100 rounds..limit 3 per person. Get them while you can!