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  1. Smith & Wesson mp sport 2 heat shield stuck

    Recently purchased this AR and ordered replacement magpul mags, magpul forgrip, Sparc 2 red dot, and Bipod. We've tried for hours to get the factory heat shield off with no avail. It almost appears...
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    S&W MP Sport Foregrip Stuck

    Getting all!

    For the life of me I can not get the front heat shield off. It's a new rifle it almost appears to be one piece and not 2...

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    Tramua kits

    Does anyone have suggestions for a first aid kit for trauma? Looking for a kit for my range bag/bug out kit/hunting oack. Looking for something to deal with extreme blood loss from either deep...
  4. Somerdale PD Camden County FID card and 2 permits...

    Somerdale PD Camden County FID card and 2 permits 2-3 weeks.

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