hey everyone, quick question about FID card, hunting license and NJMMP
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    hey everyone, quick question about FID card, hunting license and NJMMP

    hey everyone, I was in a bad car accident in august and my back got hurt in the process with other things. My spine specialist offer to put me on the New Jersey Medical Marijuana cause of my injuries, i told him i had to think about it cause I'm not sure I can go on that keep my hunting license and FID card, Those are two things i never want to loose. So anyone on here Have a NJMMP card and can keep there hunting license and FID card? if you want message me private than to write under the comments that would be fine by me.

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    I too was offered that option after having 20 orthopedic surgeries. I didn’t accept because, the way I read it, you can’t keep your FID. These laws are so incredibly stupid. I can be prescribed Percocet, with no problem but, weed is a no-no. I was hoping it would be ok being I was being prescribed the weed to get some sleep and I hate the side effects of Percocet besides the liver damage it could do. Who in the hell writes these garbage laws anyway?
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