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Thread: Need a good DUI Lawyer-Florham Park NJ Court

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    I got one back in the mid '80's and remember back then, it cost north of $15k by the time you get through fines, insurance surcharges, meetings, and various other attached commitments. The 6 month loss of licence was the easy part. I'm betting now, its a lot worse. Another lesson learned the hard way.... There is no fighting it, the cops know exactly what evidence they need for a conviction, They are very good at what they do. You will need a lawyer though, court will insist on one, just to plead guilty. Brace yourself, there is no way off once you start that ride going....wheeeeeeee
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    Ppl beat DUIs everyday but I can tell you that if it ended with a crash or property damage you have zero chance. Ppl who pretend that every DUI written saved their family from eminent death are clueless or just hate alcohol. Good luck.
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    Not sure if he is still practicing but Jack Venturi from New Brunswick is the guy you want. What he did for my brother is nothing short of a miracle. He'll get the job done, really.
    Best of luck.

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    IF you drive for a living esp CDL lic buddy your screwed they are making examples of those guys

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    N.J. DWI laws and loss of licenses has changed as of December 01, 2019. Depending on BAC % reading will determine your outcome, but an interlock device is probably in your future. Please google and read and see where your readings fall.

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    cops F up all the time doing the dui process, machines not calibrated and so on. A circus and a dui process are about the same. So pay the lawyer and fight.
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    DUI in NJ or anywhere can totally be beat with the right legal counsel and set of circumstances. It will take some luck for sure but it can be done. I hope half the clowns on here ready to throw the book at you will pray for me, I'd love to be perfect just like them.....

    Don't think he would travel that far but Frank J Hoerst from woodstown NJ specializes in DUI cases. He is a former prosecutor and definitely knows his way around the court room. Definitely call him as he may be able to reccomend an attorney in your area or possibly be "of council " on your case. He finds the flaws in the state's case all the time. Good luck and hopefully you learned your lesson. Not a fun situation.

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