Nugent on legalizing Dove hunting May 2013
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    Nugent on legalizing Dove hunting May 2013

    Nugent on dove legislation May 2013

    Wolf huntaccomplished, Ted Nugent says Michigan should turn to dove season next

    Michigan rocker TedNugent talks dove hunting Michigan rocker Ted Nugent talks dove hunting.

    [IMG]file:///C:/Users/Guest/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image001.png[/IMG]By Cory Olsen | [email protected]
    on May 15, 2013 at 3:45 PM, updated May 15, 2013 at 4:23 PM

    GRAND RAPIDS, MI — You don't have to wait long to hearan opinion about wildlife management when talking to Michigan native rocker TedNugent.
    When askedrecently about the newly approved wolf hunt, Nugent suggested the state takethings one step further: A dove season.
    "We canhunt pheasants in Michigan, we can hunt quail in Michigan," Nugent said."Grouse? Huntable. Woodcock? Huntable. There are more doves in Michiganthan all those birds combined. The dove is the No. 1 game species, not just theNo. 1 game bird on the planet, it's the No. 1 game species. The mourning dovegenerates more family hours of recreation than any species includingbluegills."
    Doves werebanned from hunting in 2006. The reason for Michiganders not being able to huntthem? Look to the history of the state's leadership, Nugent said.
    "This isinsanity," Nugent said. "This is a holdover of the days of (formerDetroit mayors) Kwame (Kilpatrick) and Coleman Young and (former governor)Jennifer Granholm that wouldn't know a mourning dove from a pterodactyl."
    A recently added piece of legislature, Bill 288, that Gov. Rick Snyder signed into law on May 8, will now putthe power of designating game species as well as hunting seasons for thosespecies in the hands of the Natural Resources Commission.
    That should help clear up any red tape holding back adove hunt, Nugent said.
    "I'm pleased that scientifically educatedprofessionals will now have the authority to make sure that the universallyrespected and utilized game species on the planet, that Michigan produces moreof than Indiana or Ohio or Illinois, where you can hunt them, that we willlegalize dove hunting."
    Outspoken about all things wildlife, Nugent said therevenue generated via people using hotels, grocery stores, restaurants andequipment could be huge for Michigan.
    "It's about damn time," he said.

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    Nug is the man. I wonder what happened with the potential dove season in NJ? Their was a lot of talk about it, but I haven't heard anything in a while.
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    As Chairman for the NJSFSC Upland Game Committee and also Chairman of the now defunct NJ Dove Hunting Sub-Committee. I stopped pursuing the the Resolution I wrote and had approved by the State Federation back in 2006. Due to the Bear management Policy being challenged at that time we did not push the Dove issue. Once the Bear policy was approved I found that no one wanted to work with me and last year I finally gave up. If there is any body willing to take on this project I would be more then willing to help. In addition to the lack of interest by the NJ Sportsman the other two problems is naturally fighting the anti's and the Division would be sued much like the bear suit and they lack the funds and manpower.


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