South Mountain Reservation
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    I grew up in Maplewood near the South Mountain Reservation (SMR). 20-25 years ago, you would maybe see a deer but it was rare (and never in town), the place was very lush. I've since moved but was back in Maplewood for business. For lunch, I got a sandwich and thought I'd go up to the SMR and eat it.

    On the way, a fawn was running along Wyoming Ave. right during midday. I knew that there is no deer management in SMR, but never really contemplated what that meant. I'd have to say I was shocked and appalled when I got there. The trees are there, the view is beautiful, but it is unnatural and wrong. There is literally no living green thing within 8' of the ground. Here it is, in the middle of July, and you can look for 200 yards straight into the forest. Except for some invasive bamboo near the parking lot, and some sedges/grass, the deer had consumed everything. It was eerie. [sad]

    The antis focus on hunting's impact on the deer, but they totally miss the larger impact the deer have on the local environment. Probably people who just moved there don't even realize how it has changed. People who don't spend much time in natural settings probably don't even realize there are suppose to be bushes, small trees, briars, and saplings.

    You can see sunlight actually hitting the floor of the forest in places where trees have fallen. Yet there is nothing growing but some grass maybe. Eventually, all the present trees will grow old and die and that will be the end of the place.

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    I agree. I live in East Orange which is 5-10 mins away from the area. The area has many deer with no place to go. They eat away at most of the green and now live in people backwards. At eagle rock reservation in south orange I got within 15 yards of a doe and she just looked at me but was very catious. They are so used to seeing people and crossing the roads in the area that its unreal. I think that this will be bad for the deer in the long run because of the density and the little area they have to move around. But as we all know deer adpat very well.
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    Livingston is no different. I was doing a job there today and a coyote ran across the street. This was right off Northfield ave by the Crystal plaza. SO A abundent of deer meens no green and lots of predators.

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    Millburn shot down the idea of a controlled hunt last year in South Mountain. Guess who lives in Millburn.....Janet Piszar.


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