Being aware of small game while turkey hunting
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    Being aware of small game while turkey hunting

    No doubt some of you who are avid upland game hunters also dabble with spring turkey hunting. Any time the topic of NJ ruffed grouse (or wild quail or wild pheasant) is raised the discussion is predictable... The narrative has been the same since at least 1974 when I started... Anyway, spring turkey hunting and brook trout fishing in the spring and even fall are excellent for hearing game birds seeking mates just like the turkey... But these sounds are subtle - they dont ring out and say "grouse over here" at least to our ears, unlike a hen grouse.... The other problem is, few hunters and anglers know what these birds sound like and undoubtedly ignore them as they do every other sound made by a suite of dicky-birds, small mammals, frogs, toads, etc... Here are some sound recordings if you are interested... Keep in mind - when the Division uses the Audubon Society to record "call counts" they tend to under-report game birds - because to them birds are not to be hunted... One example of this is when a state has a pending proposal to instate a dove hunting season, the volunteer bird watchers report drastically fewer doves compared to previous recent years... Indeed the Division does use these sickos, so dont doubt me...
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