Bamboo fly rod refurbish
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Thread: Bamboo fly rod refurbish

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    Bamboo fly rod refurbish

    I found my deceased father in law's old bamboo rod in the joist of the basement, reel, line, and backing. It's a 2 piece with the front section bowed badly. Is there any way this can be refurbished? ie steaming, linseed oil or some other form of preservation finish. I know there are bamboo rod makers but not seeing any refurbishing
    I would like to have it refurbished and give to his grandson who is an avid fisherman. Not so much for use, just a display piece and something that was his Grandfathers. I would say circa 1930's or 40's.
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    Maybe. Google these three words bamboo fishing pole repair, there are three sites that might be able to fix it.

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    I have refurbished bamboo rods in the past from minor repairs to complete redo's. The bent sections can be straightened. But what matters first of all is what kind of a rod it is and whether or not it is in condition that can it be repaired and what it would cost to repair it. Rods were varnished and not oiled. On the metal butt cap there may be a name or one might be written or a decal with a name may be above the grip on the butt section. That would be a good start, If you have pictures that would also help. Let me know if there is a name or model and what it is, check that the wrappings on the guides and ferrules are not loose or frayed and the sections are in tact and nor delaminating what model the reel is. You may have a very good rod and reel worth some money or just one to fish with. I hate to see a good one get ruined and cleaning one up is not very hard to do if all you want to do is preserve it. Send me a PM if you would like, give me your number and I'll call you. Bob
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    Quote Originally Posted by TwoGuns View Post
    Maybe. Google these three words bamboo fishing pole repair, there are three sites that might be able to fix it.


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