7.62x39 Ammo for trade
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    7.62x39 Ammo for trade

    I have approximately 2500- 3000 rounds of 7.62x39 new ammo for trade. would like to trade for 45, 9mm, 223 or 5.56. Anyone interested let me know

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    I am interested, how can I contact you ?

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    Me too! Share your contact info, I really need these bullets. Please, tell me how I can contact you, I am willing to buy it from you. I have already bought this kind of ammo a month ago from bulkmunitions.com at a very advantageous price, but I have already used all of them, and I need more. I guess we can make a deal. I also have some ammo that I don't need, and I could give it to you. Just leave me a message and let's discuss details, I am sure that we will have a profitable agreement.
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