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    Okay I am no expert on deer mostly lucky at best.. I have a hot scrape that a dominant buck is hitting and a few smaller bucks are hitting also. does are on the camera around the scrapes also. now how do I keep this scrape hot and keep the dominant buck coming back to this area.. I am excited about this deer as my 14 yo son has his stand 40 yards away and I want him to take this buck..

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    This is exactly the time that he will slow down his use of the scrape regardless of what you do. You can always hang a drip bag or simply pour some scape or estrous scent right into the scrape. However, this time of year is already getting a little late to plan your hunt just around a scrape.

    Right now you are better off focusing on the travel routes to and from doe bedding areas. If you can find one that goes by that scrape all the better.


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    Set up a dripper


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