From thicket to open high marshy grass area!
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Thread: From thicket to open high marshy grass area!

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    From thicket to open high marshy grass area!

    Just bought some more land behind my house, back up to a thicket and about 200 yards in is like a opening/thicket marshy high grass, wondering if anyone hunted this kind of terrain and if deer move through this I'm thinking it's a pinch point, I set up a camera to see what moves through

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    I hunt the Eastern Shore of Virginia a lot and the deer love the high reeds in the marsh to hide in. They will often travel along the tidal stream beds at low tide. Set up cameras along their travel routes.
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    Yes they love that stuff. I live in Cape may area and there's tons of coastal wetlands/meadows/phragmites. The deer use the meadow and marsh as much as the woods. Unless they have to swim, they will probably be there. Get some hip waders and a post to push into the mud and hang a camera on it. You'll be pleasantly surprised
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