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Thread: FID and pistol permit turn around time. County, Town, and time.

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    Monmouth County, Aberdeen Township.
    52 days for permit and change of address on FID
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    It is unfortunate that some police stations lollygag because ultimately I believe that it is what it is. Granted some cities/towns
    may be busier than others, but if a detective has a vested interest in getting it done, it will get done expeditiously. My wait was 28 days for an initial FID and 3 permits. 20 days from the time I was fingerprinted. The reality is there is nothing no one can do if a certain detective decides he doesn't care about getting it done fast. I know detectives in Paterson and they actually get offended when people apply for permits and let applications sit on purpose. All I can say is be patient, and be nice when you call to inquire about your application status, because there is nothing to stop someone from just letting your application collect dust. Kudos and much appreciation to those who get the work done fast and timely, (my detective called me regularly to give updates as well), and to those LEO's who may not be as diligent, remember we are the law abiding group doing things the right way. We will be the ones to assist God forbid there is a SHTF scenario and situation.
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    Edison Township, put in for 3 pistol permits in Feb, called once and still waiting

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    just got my three permits back that I put in on February 13th.

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    Fawn NYMetsFan420's Avatar
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    Just put my app in 4/30 first FID and one permit. Fingerprints will be 5/13 I'll repost as i wait in boredom down the road
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    Just applied FID 4/30/13 prints 5/13/13...and then the wait...

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    I put in for an address change in February. Still Waiting.

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    Monmouth County

    Initial FPIC issue.....
    Initial Handgun issue.....
    Did my own fingerprint/morphotrack check before hand, and submitted it with my initial paperwork THINKING it might save some time. Don't waste your money.
    (I was arrested in the past, but, no convictions. No violent offenses, so I expected a SLIGHT delay, but, not TWO MONTHS, and counting)

    11 WEEKS AND COUNTING, to be exact.

    I called twice. Officer was pretty cool both times, and pretty much said its a State Police issue and "I'll be honest with you. If you call them and tell them its ridiculous, they're gonna laugh at you."

    Even spoke to the LT that handles the paperwork and discussed my package BEFORE I submitted it, and he told me, the "Chief should sign it, no problem."
    So, I dont know WTF is going on with NICS and/or the NJSP, but, this is a bit frustrating, to say the least.
    Our govt practically threw an M16 at me on Parris Island, now, I have to run the gauntlet.

    Awesome, huh?

    Served my country (honorably) in the USMC. Rifle expert all 4 years. Secret security clearance all for years.
    Even recently interviewed with a federal agent for job related stuff and passed that no problem.
    I do the runs, I pedal the bikes, I donate to the local fundraisers. I'm even friendly with a few on the local forces.

    If I had the cash to lawyer up, Id be all over it.

    I understand and respect the background check idea. I'm cool with that.


    Anyone else in this boat???
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    Rack Buck BrianJ's Avatar
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    5 days into month number three for me in Passaic county waiting for FID card, not a word yet...

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    Ocean County month and half for me initial FID and two pistol permits got fingerprinted 23rd of march called just to check on everything friday waiting on a call back from the officer that handles it for my town I'm guessing AT LEAST another month

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    Fawn njjoe22's Avatar
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    Been waiting 5 months so far, in Passaic county. Put in for initial FID and 3 handgun permits on Dec. 8th 2012. Still nothing.


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