Can I reaply for FID card if I was denied first time?
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    Can I reaply for FID card if I was denied first time?

    few years ago I apllied for fid card and was denied. Had a 22 year old restraining order. Aparently in NJ they dont expire. Finally got it dismissed a couple days ago. Can I reaply now that the restraining order is inactive? Or once your denied thats it? Thanks for any info...
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    You can absolutely reapply but you have to declare on the form that you've previously been denied. From what I've heard that will almost certainly end up in another denial. If you get the second denial you'll want to have a lawyer on deck to appeal it right away. But who knows maybe if the investigating officer is cool and you can show him that hey I forgot I had this old restraining order when I applied and got denied but here's the paperwork where I cleared it up maybe hell help you out.

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    FWIW ..... I reapplied after being denied, and was then granted my FPID card. I needed to get some stupid kid stuff expunged ... which I did myself. When I reapplied ... I, of course, truthfully stated on the form the reason for the previous denial: "Since expunged offenses."

    I know of others on this forum that have had the exact same experience as me. But, these were only our experiences ..... all of them concerning the expungement of relatively minor offenses.

    Good luck.

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    As with any question involving an FPID in NJ, it depends in where you live. If you live in an area with a rich gun culture and history, your odds are good. If on the other hand you reside in a liberal area like jersey city, Trenton, or Camden, odds are bad
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