Where to find hunting maps of state parks?
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Thread: Where to find hunting maps of state parks?

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    Where to find hunting maps of state parks?

    I know that certain areas like Abram Hewitt State park, and others are restricted to certain areas of hunting. Does anyone know where I can find maps of these? Also, can anyone recommend areas in northern NJ to deer hunt? Im new to the sport.

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    go to the parks office and they will show you. it says for Abram Hewitt to go to Wawayanda's office.

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    Email or Write to Michelle Buckley at the NJ State Park Service. Wait 6 months until after hunting season is over to receive response that says we are sorry that we do not have a map available for that area. I don't know if they are overwhelmed by requests, don't want hunters on state park lands or both. I suggest going to the park you are interested in hunting or the office that is responsible for overseeing the park and try to talk to somebody in person. Some rangers/park staff will be very helpful. Some will barely be able to hide the fact that they can't stand hunting and hunters. Good luck! PS- still waiting for a Farny SP hunting map
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    If you go to the park office for ringwood state park you can have copies of maps made there, I used to hunt there and your supposed to get a permit to drive on the dirt road that goes into the park,on that permit shows the areas your allowed to hunt in ringwood state park.

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    NJ fish & game web site,they have them in pdf.

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    If you have a smart phone download the free NJ Fish & Game APP, its free. Easy to look up anything and I believe it has all the WMA mapped out

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    Quote Originally Posted by BaconBits View Post
    If you have a smart phone download the free NJ Fish & Game APP, its free. Easy to look up anything and I believe it has all the WMA mapped out
    But OP is asking about state parks, not WMAs. The WMA maps are all on the NJ DFW website and the app, but state parks are a different thing. I don't think they show up in the app or have maps available on the NJ DFW website.

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    The app has state parks...use the near me icon you can pick from wma, state parks, fishing locations, and boat access locations. When you click the location you want you can view maps.

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    There is a state park app that looks just like the fish and game app that has it I use both apps. the official state parks and forest guide by pocket ranger

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    This is my first time attempting to post pictures with a post, so if its jacked up bare with me..

    Just moved back to NJ and have been craving the same thing.. Found two ways so far to find State and County owned land.. First is using the NJDEP Fish and wildlife Interactive reporting Map. As long as you know the general area of the land this can define it for you. You just have to zoom in to a certain level in order to view the area. Its purpose was for reporting harvest, but has additional uses. The legend to the left defines the areas.. State is in green, Purple/magenta for county..
    NJDEP Division of Fish & Wildlife - AHRS Deer Hunting Location Viewer

    Name:  Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 1.21.37 PM.jpg
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    The Second is to use NJ DEP GIS.. NJ-GeoWeb

    There is a whole bunch of stuff you can click on and off on the website.. A lot is useless for hunting, but some is relevant.. Just find what you are looking for and click off on it.. Again you are going to have to know the general area, but this will help define the area.

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    Hope this helps!!
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