Fox Fox Fox!! (snow pic)
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    Well I am new to this whole predator hunting thing but I must say I am getting addicted. Ive been out a few times and each time I go out I seem to learn at least a thing or two. The other day was quite the day for me however, I was planning to deer hunt in the afternoon but finished errands early in the morning so I wanted to look at a few farms to possibly ask permission. While at the first farm I see this gorgeous fox running on the opposite side of a field along a hedgerow, probably about 100 yds away. I pull my truck over to the side of the road and roll down my window and begin to call out to the fox. He immediately stops in his tracks and looks my way, after a moment or two he begins to trot my way, so I ease up on the calling and about half way through the field he stops, looks around, and I give a few more calls to him, he comes flying in now, runs all the way up to the edge of the field. I grab my camera real quick trying not to spook him and my camera is on stupid autofocus i switch to manual and take a few shots at him, by this time he realizes its just me and trots off but I managed to get a picture or two of then it is off to my deerstand!! Once I get to my stand wouldnt ya know it but what do I see? Two fox come running in, I couldnt put an arrow into one of them but I also had deer coming into my stand, so I passed on that...the rest of the evening I saw just a few deer til about quarter to 5, I look up into a field above my stand and see another fox running through, I didnt have a call with me but I make a squeal with my mouth, the fox stops, I make a few more squals and I have the fox coming in. The fox pops his head over the rock wall and is trotting in when I realize wow I'm actually calling in this fox with my mouth!! He comes trotting right in on the perfect angle and all, walks behind a tree and I draw. The fox clears the tree and is standing a mere 12 feet from my stand broadside, but I see how small this pup is and I give him the pass, let my bow down and he runs like a bat outta hell!! That finished off my day but it was an amazing day in the woods, and with the first successes (success in my book) of my predator hunting career and cant but wait to get back at it!!! I'm new to the game and everything is a learning experience for me at this point but I must say I am excited...just wanted to share my story with you guys....

    This is the first fox I called in, He was BIG, biggest fox I have ever seen, this picture does him no justice...sorry but I didnt get pictures of any of the other fox
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    Great Pic. I had two tonight at dark. One saw me first, dang it!

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    Sweet. Not always about killing. Enjoy the Hunt. I actually dont think I'd kill a predator. Just watch them do their thing until a deer comes to meet my arrow! I enjoy just watching them. I've had some literally come within a foot of me when I hunt the ground. I've had to move my foot to spook him or he'd been in my grill. I figure if I beat their noses, I'm good for the deer.

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    nice it is not the kill but the rush that gets me.

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    Great story wont be long before you get one
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    Love the coloration on that one! Very cool!
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    Great pic, predator calling is a blast

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    cool story...i was thinking about getting into predator hunting as well

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