My deer hunt tonight. (nothing exciting)
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    Little story from today. I know some people like to read each others stories as I do. Today I decided since I couldn’t have my new muzzleloader just yet that I would at least go buy my new scope and put it on my old gun.(the gun I missed the big boy with two weeks ago). I went this morning to L&H in Wall and Tim helped me set up my Thompson Center FireHawk.
    Finally get into the tree stand at 3:00 today but I had to be out at 5:30 to attend a birthday party.. As soon as I set foot in the stand I see movement in a briar patch out front. I could see that at least two of the deer were bucks and two were does.
    I put up the range finder and mark them at 126 yards away. The does were facing me and the bucks were behind a clump of trees now. As I continued to watch the does I could see them eating and I knew they weren’t spooked. They began to walk towards me and I thought for sure they would head right past me. They continued to walk closer and then veered to there left. I watched them for while and realized that the bucks were the ones I call the three stooges. They are always with each other and in the same part of the woods. It’s a 8 pt, 6 pt and a 4 pt.
    I watched the deer for about another 45 minutes until they finally moved out into a field. There choice was come past me or go into the field to eat. Of course they chose the field. Once they were out in the field I climbed down and move to a stand at the edge of the field. The week prior I had seen some foxes come out in the field and the deer ran off the field into my spot. I figured I was running out of time and my best chance would be to move into the stand along the edge.
    As I made my move to that other stand I past through briars and crunched on the frozen ground and snow. I finally made it to the other stand where I watch the bucks does graze at about 300 yards away for the next hour and half until I had to climb down. I waited the whole time hoping that something, anything would chase those deer off the field back to me. The best part was I was able to watch those bucks the whole time. I watched the 8 pt smell the rear end of a doe and follow her around. When she smelled him in return he turned his neck and chased her off. Then I got to witness a B*t*chy doe get up on her back feet and swat at another. Well I had a great hunt and that’s what its all about. Just wanted to share.
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    That sounds like a good time!

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    WAY better than any hunt I've had so far in Jersey this season

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    great read ......thanks

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    good story, better than my day of nothing


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