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Thread: New Executive Order in Its way

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    Looting and riots will come

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    Quote Originally Posted by RPK0620 View Post
    Actually, he didn't pay for your college..... we did ! ! ! And, we also pay your salary ! ! !
    When I was working full time I also went to college at night however I paid for it out of my own pocket and I was also paying taxes, unemployment etc like you say you are (all working people do). PS, and I was married at the time.
    So don't even start to tell me how wonderful he or his liberal democrat programs are or how anyone in government, local, state or federal employment puts in a full days work ....
    i think what hes saying is that there are some people in life that have jobs that are seasonal or factory goes down for re-tooling and these people year after year collect. you dont see them getting other jobs in the mean time and can see why. they get a chack and if a few do decide to work they will most surely work under the table.i know those who have collected multiple times and had winters off and such and collect while others fortunately never dip intostuff. thats why i say you shoukld have to build up an accont and if you dont have anything that sure would be insentive to find a job or live with friends or family til you get on your feet. so if someone gets some free schooling who cares becaus ethey pribly paid into a system20 fold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treestandman View Post
    . so if someone gets some free schooling who cares becaus ethey pribly paid into a system20 fold.
    Is it me or don't people understand that NOTHING IS FREE someone else is paying for it !
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    Quote Originally Posted by bfd300 View Post
    Looting and riots will come
    If this goes on past the month of April into the end of May or June it might be a real possibility. Went to pick up my online order from shoprite yesterday about 5pm and they had maybe 1/3 of the order. She said they haven't had a delivery in 2 weeks so its whatever is on the shelves.
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    Good morning fellow hunters and outdoorsmen. First admission: I'm a hunter and a college professor. That will help you judge from where I speak. And that said, I'm surprised at you all going after the guy who supported Gov. Murphy's support for college tuition. Do you know the main reason college tuition has gone up so high, and so fast? It's a withdrawal of the type of government support universities got in the WWII, Sputnik, Cold War, and Vietnam War eras. Land grant colleges helped build American agriculture (with some massive mistakes...advocating multiflora rose is a key one in NJ!). Universities put men in space and allowed your guns to be designed better. Do you know a major reason we have such polarization in America today? Well, it's increasingly hard for working class kids to go to college. People on this discussion board are proud of the fact that they paid their own ways through college, while being married. You should indeed be proud. But that's just not feasible today, if you want to take your courses seriously and not get some wack online degree that's really just about a certificate, not learning. It's unaffordable and really impossible. So what we see now is that many Americans are locked out of college and often go and attack colleges in spite, in anger, as nothing more than breeding grounds for out-of-touch liberals. That's not true, at all. I can assure you that as a teacher in a college and a hunter, and a free thinker. But it IS TRUE that colleges are increasingly training schools for upper middle class, out-of-touch, careerist kids brought up on video games and cul de sacs who have no interest in the woods or in expanding their horizons beyond a pay check. Put them together with outdoorsmen who think that colleges are worthless (and who don't really understand the courses taught or the fact that a decent college prepares you to think, not to do a specific chore like accounting or chopping wood or 'computers') and you get the explosive combination that is our society today. Some of the comments here that I see reflect this explosiveness, and the lack of understanding of the fact that different folks need different things. It'd be rotten if we all thought the same. So, for example, many urban and suburban liberals oppose hunting and hunters' guns. They don't understand what rural life is, and how a responsible gun owner who doesn't live on top of his neighbor might in fact be a real strong member of the community and is entirely in his rights. But then I see guys on this forum saying (in massively misspelled posts) that Murphy is moron. I might disagree with Murphy on some political issues--or even all or most of his positions--but that doesn't make him a moron. If he shut down all public transport in the state now with COVID that would mean that many urban people like doctors, nurses, custodians, food workers, sanitation workers, cops, firefighters, mechanics, couldn't make it to work to do absolutely essential things. So it's a balancing issue, just like shooting off a shotgun 150 feet from someone else's house who hasn't given permission is a balancing my view as a hunter it's not a good idea, especially if on a suburban cul de sac, to shoot close to a dwelling. However, if it's an abandoned chicken coop in 40 year overgrown woods, it might make sense (as long as no one's camping in the coop and you've checked that!). So come on guys. Let's support hunting and help it grow right now when it's being threatened by law, overdevelopment, pandemics, and the prejudices of people who don't understand it. And to support hunting means you don't go and impose your own prejudices on what you don't understand. Listen, and listen well, to a young hunter who tells you he appreciates government support of his attempt to educate himself and get a better job, contributing to society. Why drive him away just because you were a successful college graduate in an earlier era when a private college didnt' cost $40-70k a year!? Take a liberal hunting and let a liberal take you to the library. You don't have to agree. But you can recognize that you're both Americans and maybe you both want what's best for our country. If you can respect the person enough to listen for a just a bit, and ask the same of that person in terms of respecting and listening to you, we might have a future. Otherwise both liberals and conservatives will be nothing but ostriches with their heads down a hole, waiting for the butts to get shot up. Or worse yet, they'll be a bunch of jackals ripping eachother apart and the only people left smiling will be the 1% who very happily let the rest of us slave and grovel to them while dividing ourselves over same sex bathrooms and open carry, or stuff that doesn't really matter. A liberal who thinks that I, a 6'6" man born as a man, should go in the same bathroom as your teenage daughter is just plain nuts. But a gun owner who things that I should be able to walk into my Burger King with an AR15 strapped on is also nuts. What matters is survival, and respect. So if you disagree with me, tell me how and why and relate it to hunting which is why we are on this site (not to worry about Murphy and mass transit). Thank you. Respect.

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