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    the "Nancy and Chuck" rebuttal:

    did Chucky Schumer and Pelosi after Trump's speech really say that the Democrats do not rule by temper tantrum? what was all this with the Kavanaugh hearings? what about what they are doing now, acting like petulant children and standing in the way of securing the border? they will spend billions or even trillions petting these people but not one cent to protect the border.

    a wall is ineffective and unnecessary they said.. really? i guess we do not need walls at prisons anymore then being they do not work. i guess China who built the great wall of china built that ineffective wall to keep the Mongols out. tell that to the Germans with the Berlin wall, tell them that walls do not work. and why the hell do all these specials who are saying that walls are useless living in houses with "security barriers" around them? you know what a security barrier is? a wall or fence..

    back in the 1990s, Pelosi and little Chucky Schumer and all these other little socialist "resist" idiots voted on a bill that was signed by Bill Clinton at the time to fund a border wall. they were all for it then, what changed? there was no jerking the American people off on the news saying it was immoral or unnecessary, it was pretty much a unanimous vote by the democrats to put a barrier on the border... but now because it is Trump wanting a wall they are saying it is immoral, unnecessary, and wrong to hold the American people hostage by shutting down the government. trying their best to play the victims and trying to act like they give a dam about the American people. and they say they do not rule by temper tantrum..

    you want to know who held the longest ever government shutdown? Bill Clinton, at 21 days. Obama shut it down for 16 days. before Bill Clinton did his 21 day shutdown, the longest was Jimmy Carter at 18 days. where the hell was their concern for the American people and government workers held hostage then? where was the idiot socialist whining on CNN and MSNBC for the workers? and it was for pittly ****, not for trying to protect the sovereignty of the USA.

    this is the definition of hypocrite. it all has to do with this "resist" movement that was started after the 2016 elections, when little Chucky Schumer and Pelosi and the socialist mob squat vowed to do anything in their power to stand in the way of Donald Trump. and this time it is over national security. he is trying to secure the border, and the socialist Democrats are fighting him on it. they do not want to protect the USA, they have vowed to destroy the USA just to prevent someone else from being in charge. it is obvious they do not want border security. they keep wanting to pass more "common sense laws". what the hell does that even mean? what about the laws we already have Pelosi, you empty headed bimbo? what about the laws that are already being broken? there is a reason it is called illegal immigration, because it is against the is one more law going to do a dam thing to people already breaking it? my god these people are stupid.

    and they go on live TV and outright lie to the American people about the entire thing. like they said that "most of the drugs come in at legal points of entry".. really? what the hell has the coast guard been doing all these years when chasing these speed boats and home built subs loaded with tons of drugs? yes, some drugs come in on container ships, but that does not make what comes across the border vanish..

    but they are now saying that only a few terrorist have been detained coming across the border. wasn't it the democrats who challenged Trump when he said exactly that a few months back? they said that Trump was lying and there was no evidence of there being terrorist coming across the border.. and now they will admit to 6 on the terror watch list being detained at the border, totally contradicting themselves, again. and those are the ones caught and detained. what about all those who were not on the watch list and those not detained? all it takes is one of these fools to set off an IED in a large event or set off a dirty bomb in a large city to kill hundreds or thousands. so are the democrats telling us that it is ok for a few to come across the border and that American lives are expendable? it sure seems like it is a non issue for them. what about all the drugs and gang members from MS-13? i guess it is ok for them to come in too..

    that is the big problem with these fools like Pelosi and Schumer saying that what is going on at the border is a non issue and is being blown out of proportion. they fly to the border on their private jets, travel with large security forces in controlled areas, and then when they are done they fly right back to Washington District of Criminals that is far away from the border and go right back back to their house with the "security barrier" around it.. i thought walls didn't work.. but it is not a wall, it is a "security barrier" or "security fence", that makes it different..

    and you can rest assured that if you hear these so called "experts" on the news or online utter the words "fact check" then it is going to be 100% contrived BS. do your own research and save these articles when these boobs in Washington and on the national Pravda news agencies say something, because in about a week to a month their entire story and stance will have changed...
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    Quote Originally Posted by slayer1962 View Post
    we send troops to other countries to protect their sovereignty . we don't protect our own!
    Hell we just sent millions to other countries for everything from wall building to aid for Tibetan yaks. This is the bi-product of a one party system. This is why Trump is such a focus for the anger of both parties.

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    Quote Originally Posted by easyeight View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by slayer1962 View Post
    we send troops to other countries to protect their sovereignty . we don't protect our own!
    Hell we just sent millions to other countries for everything from wall building to aid for Tibetan yaks. This is the bi-product of a one party system. This is why Trump is such a focus for the anger of both parties.
    Both parties suck

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    Trump than walks out of the meeting with the two nit-wits. you just got to love this guy .

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    I think signs that say please don't cross here Just go to a regular crossing and we will give you everything you need and things you didn't even know you needed.

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    "Pelosi, you empty headed bimbo?" LOL I think you're cutting her some slack with that evaluation and observation. I could think of a few more descriptions of her and her d'bag cohort feinstein.
    I don't know how those people live with themselves or look themselves in the mirror. WHEW!

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    I think we need to pave the desert so they don't have to deal with rattle snakes and other dangerous animals.
    I few water and food stops like rest areas would be nice. I think some lighting in case they are walking at night .
    Do you think crossing guards would be good?

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