Apprentice Hunter ISO Mentor Hunter?
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    Question Apprentice Hunter ISO Mentor Hunter?

    Hi there
    I am recently moved to NJ from TX originally. I grew up farming and neighbors hunted but only my grandpa did and he wouldnt teach me, so i never learned as a kid. I'm looking to learn now and while researching the rules in NJ I found that I can get an Apprentice Lisence and work with a "mentor hunter" to learn, and then pursue my hunting lisence following that. I'm super interested in this, but not sure where/how I go about finding someone to be my mentor hunter? I'm hoping to find a mentor hunter who is also a woman as well.
    I am mostly looking to learn about game birds, and im looking to learn to do my hunting with a bow, not any guns right now. Working on a farm ive done some slaughther and evicerating of regular chickens but i havent processed any hunted birds and I havent done it outside of a processing facility really. I'm not sure how the zones work but I am in the area around Colts Neck but im also willing to travel up to an hour and a half if I can find someone willing to teach me.
    Anyone have any advice?

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    the monmouth county park hunt is a good place to start with bowhunting. Some of the parks get very little pressure.


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