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Actually, there are all kinds of people on this site you would be surprised. I have met some good people here and some complete whack jobs. I have built 2 brand new homes before, run my own company for 24 years. Im willing to tackle almost anything, I just like to research things a little before I do it . Like I do with my company, if we cant do it, we consult with people who have done it or bring in someone that can do it if we cant handle it.

My good friend...i can help yu . I no of you and no that you are a big hunter and hav properti in Illinoi. You seam to be doing well because you always tell evry one on this site how good you are doing financialle and also ar a great hunter and shoot big deer so I trust you. I recently started wurcking at a local bank and no some of the people on the top of the ladder. Give me your phone number and I can hook you up four sure..Im glad you reeched out to us hear on the site we are a good group of hunters helping eech other. Pm me your number. If this wurks out lets get together to discuss my new project im wurking on Good Luck