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Thread: Paper Road Access

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    Paper Road Access

    Was scouring tax maps for properties with possible access to a public land piece that I saw great sign on during 6-day deer drives. I found a paper road (town laid out the Rd. but its never been built) that dead ends at the public land. That paper road access would cut off over 3/4's of a mile of hiking getting in deep quickly and quietly. I investigated it yesterday, and found that the adjoining landowner (a commercial business which happens to own all the lots surrounding the paper road) has basically usurped the paper road, and turned into his back yard...He was none to happy when I knocked on his door and told him I'd be driving over his lawn to access the state park behind his property....Guess I'll need to stop by town hall and talk to the local PD in advance of next season as this situation is going to get ugly....
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    Check to make sure the tax maps are current and that the paper street has not been vacated, so that he adjoiner does not actually own it now.

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    make sure the maps are up to date. I have two roads like that on my block and the town deeded the land to the owners since they would never be using it. The roads still appear on all the maps but the town doesn't own them any longer. The homeowners now pay taxes on the property.

    If its a fire road I doubt the town would get rid of it. FYI.

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    I hope it turns out well for you. I found a nice large public piece with what I thought was a nice little 40' wide ROW to the road. There are residential driveways on either side. When I got there the strip between the two driveways was so overgrown with mature trees and brush nothing short of a bulldozer would get through it There is another way in but it's a much longer walk and much tougher terrain...oh well...
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    I believe that would be your best course of action.
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