Trail Cameras, Scouting Cameras what do you use and why?
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    hey guys, just trying to take a poll on which trail cameras guys are using and if they like them and why?

    I have used various makes and models and want to buy 6 more for next season to use on my farm in PA. Since I am not there a lot, I am looking for ones with long battery life, hopefully 60+ days. Also looking for them to take good pictures and trigger when deer are in front. I know it sounds simple, but I am having a hard time finding that perfect camera.

    I have a Cuddeback, a Wildgame, and 4 Moultrie's. The Cuddy is the best, but the recent reviews I found online for the Ambush IR are not stelar.

    lastly, of course I dont want to spend $400 per camera either. I am looking for cameras under $200 each.

    So what are your thoughts?

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    Ive owned a lot of different cams, last year I found the wildgame w6c and after the first I bought 4 more. I loved them but after a year or so they started giving me problems. I sent them back and wildgame gave me new ones with are okay but in the meantime I picked up 2 bushnells and 2 moultrie m-80's. The bushnells are decent but the m-80 blows all other cams away. Not one flaw about them. Ive owned at least 10 different models and I run them all year around (right now i have 10 cams) and nothing compares to the m80. Someone stole one of mine but I still have one left and plan on selling all my other cams and buying all m-80's after the season

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    A)...I am looking for ones with long battery life, hopefully 60+ days. Also looking for them to take good pictures and trigger when deer are in front. I know it sounds simple, but I am having a hard time finding that perfect camera.

    B)....I am looking for cameras under $200 each.
    The reason your not finding it is simple. You are not willing to pay for it. The Reconyx HC-500 will do everything you listed. You just can't buy it, or anything like it, for $200.

    After owning several earlier Reconyx models...I then owned dozens of other cheaper cameras. There is a reason I now only run the Reconyx again.


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    Fan of the moultrie m80's too, have 3 and one ive had for going 3 yrs now w/ zero problems.

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    Bushnell trophy cams are the camera your looking for.. great battery life, clear pictures with a super field of view
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    Reconyx are great cams but very expensive. Im using the Cuddebacks on my farm in Illinois and have had cams out for a couple months on 4 D batteries. Ive owned Cuddebacks in the past and Reconyx. The Reconyx got stolen and that was a tough pill to swallow. The Cuddebacks are half the price and in my opinion perform excellent for half the price. I use the Cuddeback attack IR. Im looking for a flash, but none of the local stores carry them.Trigger speed is phenomenal. My first Cuddeback was a no flash model about 7 years ago. I still use it every season all season and it works flawlessly. Still one of my favorites. I have Wildgames, total junk. I have moultrie m80's and d55 irs they are ok but pictures are blurred at night unless the subject is completely still. I also have stealth cams which I hate. They take occaisional good pics but the amount of whiteouts makes me want to smash it. I also have the DLC covert special ops cam. Im on my third one now. The first two crapped out after about a month in the field. My third one is working awesome for now. We will see how long it lasts.

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    BTC is the way to go. The pics are a little dark at night but they have a fast trigger speed and the battery life is outrageous. The M80 has a slower trigger speed and takes blurry pictures at night if the subject is moving. Also the battery life is not as good as the BTC. The subject does not need to be in the center of the pic for the BTC but does for the M80.
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    I've owned almost every camera I could possibly buy.

    My friends and I have A LOT of land. Together, we've had seasons where we've had 50+ cameras running, between us. Personally, I've ran as many as 20+ cameras at one time. Usually, though, I run about 12 at a time. I have owned cheap cameras, high end cameras, and everything in between.

    What I've found is that the mid-range cameras work JUST FINE, especially if you're smart about how and where you place them, and, use quality batteries.

    Not every camera has lightning fast trigger speed, so, quartering your camera toward a trail (at an angle) increase the amount of time your subject will be in frame/trigger range. Also, setting cameras up high and facing down at a SLIGHT angle can do the same(I do this only on field edges). There are a lot of tricks I've learned to maximize the effectiveness of trail cameras.

    I really like the Moultrie M80 and D55 models. I've had some good results with the Wildgame Micros. I also like the Bushnell Trophy Cams (I had purchased 8 of the original ones and had issues with almost every one. The newer models have worked flawlessly !!! Very pleased).

    All the cameras I have listed are extremely simple to use. You DO NOT need to spend hundreds on Reconyx and Cuddeback cameras, trust me. I run more cameras than anyone I know and I demand a lot from them, and, the cameras I have listed have returned favorable results, especially for the money. My favorites are the Moultries, though.

    Battery life has actually differed from camera to camera, even the same model cameras, but, the Moultrie M80s have given me the BEST battery life of pretty much any camera I have ever used. The D55s are doing alright. I was kind of shocked at how quickly they went from full battery to 50-65% but they held there, for a long time.
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    The moultrie D55IR is one of the best I have used for the money and great battery life. I have owner many since one of the originals (Camtrakker) and have experimented, sold some, tried others. So far the D55IR seems to be doing pretty well. and the battery life is 2 to 3 months. I change the batteries when the get below 50 percent and they have a digital percentage meter built right in. Oh...and priced at unedr 100!!

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    I use Wildview or something like that. I get the cheap $30 cameras and have never had trouble with them. Yes the have a old style flash bulb and the picture quality lacks at night. But you can see for 30' and tell its a deer and or how big the rack is. I dont need to hang these pictures on my wall I just see whats coming in and times, then erase. SO for me it works. Also since they are so cheap I dont worry as much about them being taken.

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