Bear Hunting Newby Question
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Thread: Bear Hunting Newby Question

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    Bear Hunting Newby Question

    I've never hunted Bear before. The farm I hunt has several bear I have seen from time to time when hunting whitetail. So, I was thinking I would get a bear tag and hunt both whitetail and bear during 6 day. I have a couple of questions (and yes, I've read the guide). I just want to confirm I wouldn't be breaking any rules...

    I'm going to be in a stand during 6 day hunting deer. If one of the bear shows itself, is it OK for me to kill it assuming I have a bear permit? As I read the digest, stand hunting for bear is OK so long as you are not within 100 yards of bait. I don't use usually use bait for whitetail. Am I reading this correctly?

    It seems like the same weapons that are OK for 6 day are OK for bear. Correct?

    Also, is it OK to be right on the bait if you are hunting from the ground? Maybe I'll use this tactic if I want to actually focus on the bear and its legal.

    Is there anything else wrong / illegal with my plan?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You can shoot a bear from an elevated stand as long as you are 100 yards away from any kind of bait yes you are correct.

    Same weapons can be used except for buckshot. Slugs and muzzleloader are ok so long as you have a rifle permit for muzz.

    Perfectly ok to be near bait if you are on the ground yes.
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    Call a few friends ahead of time in case you score on a bear. Help is always needed, borrow a large ice fishing sled( one of the big plastic ones) to haul the bear out. This makes things so much easier. Be prepared to skin and remove fat as soon as you get the carcass home, the faster you get the heat out of the meat the better your bear will taste.
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