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Thread: high point muzzy hunt

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    I'm friends with a Park Police officer that patrols there and he said the deer have been thinned out quite well. Doesn't mean it is not huntable, you got to get in there and hunt!

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    The posts about the herd being thinned way down are correct. Used to be tough to drive through there without seeing tons. Not like that now n hadn't been since the first few hunts.
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    Does that place get more pressure the first week or the second week?

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    I have hunted this park many, many, times over the years. I can tell you that this year is by far the worst it has ever been. First day shot count was 6 and I sat all day. Deer sightings for me were zero. Mind you that this is a place where 10-15 years ago it used to be common place to see over 50 a day. Second day shot count was one (my own). Yes there are still deer there, but very few. The #'s have been nocked down so far that I would guess the deer density is now a mere 15-20/per sq. mile at best. What I don't understand for the life of me is why the Division continues to manage this place for herd reduction. The days of overpopulation at High Point are long gone and with the current EAB structure, this place is heading towards deer extinction. Bet this year we barely see 75 deer taken out of the entire 16,000 acre park.

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    last year winter bow i saw more deer then the past three to be honest. I hunt a funnelo/pinch point in a big swamp, every year stevie wonder could follow the trail in the snow. I just checked my journal, jan 17 2013 ( my bday) @ 7:12 am it was 36 degrees, i had seen 11 mature does by this time, that day in total i saw 18 does, a spike, a basket 6 and stud shooter that walked the paralell trail to the main one about 10 minutes before dark i wrote: used grunt for 3 series followed by 4 doe bleats, buck stopped, looked my way and kept going, wheres he going? check google math- use terrain feature to see topo of other side of this draw behind swamp: let air out of him tomorrow"

    ha, love journals, anyway never did catch up with him. HP is like any other large tract of land,boot time, study maps and learn how they use the terrain features. Have hunted there for a week straight without even a sighting in the past. Spent summers and late late season scouting and found some patterns that work every year. Good luck to anyone hunting there. Can kill a lifetime deer here.
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    for sure there are some wall hangers in high point. the place is thick and moutainous, alot of places mature bucks can hide.i would still hunt it , but i am getting too old to drag a deer a mile in .lol

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