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Thread: New to Hunting. Some basic questions:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iggyort View Post
    Does Serbia require training to hunt ?

    Did you hunt with a rifle or a shotgun?.

    What caliber or Gauge?

    Is bow hunting popular in Serbia?

    Do you hunt deer/ stags in Serbia ?

    Hey Iggyort,
    Hunting in Serbia is organized in a different way. There are smaller hunting clubs each operating semi-independently, and associated with county hunting society, which falls under state hunting organization. Each smaller club has its managing team (president, secretary, treasurer, park ranger....etc. ).
    Therefore, to become hunter, you have to apply to become a member of a club. This usually requires you to volunteer for 1-2 years during any kind of hunting, and non hunting activities. This way you get to know every person in the club, and in the end, the members vote if you are to join the hunting club.
    Many hunting activities are organized and involve all the members. The minimum number of people allowed in the hunt is 3. This means that you can never go by yourself. ........and so on. If someone really wants to know, I can go into more details. I just wanted to give a short intro...

    To answer your questions.
    1. Yes, there is an extensive training (field, theory, and shooting).
    2. We use both, rifles and shotguns. Shotguns (12, 16, or 20 ga) mostly for small game like, pheasants, ducks, geese, doves, quails, rabbits, and sometimes for predators (foxes and jackals). Rifles we use for wild boars, roe bucks, and predators. Calibers vary just like here. I personally use 12ga for small game, and 8x75 (7.9mm) for boars, and 223, or 22-250 for predators.
    3. Bow hunting is still not allowed in Serbia. I think that is not allowed in most of the Europe (except private/fenced hunting clubs). Although, I've been hearing that they are considering bow hunting in Serbia in near future.

    If you have questions I'll do my best to answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mazzgolf View Post
    I don't think you got this answered.

    The 30 min before sunrise/30 min after sunset means no loaded firearm or nocked arrow on bow outside of that time. You can get to your stand earlier than that, setup and all that - that is legal. Again, the time limits are only prohibiting you from loading/nocking your weapon of choice. I don't see where this is explicitly spelled out in the digest, but that's what I believe is the definition of "hunting". Pretty much everyone that wants to start right at the starting time needs to trek to their spot and get set up and that takes some time so clearly you have to be out there before official starting time.

    As for definition of anterless deer - the formal definition is in the Digest, page 30 - note it is not just does - can be male deer:

    "Antlerless deer is defined as any deer that does not have an antler length measuring at least three inches. For the purposes of this definition, adult male deer that have shed their antlers, button bucks and adult males with antlers less than three inches are considered antlerless deer."

    The digest is here, online - read it, learn it, live it

    Thanks for the clarifications. I read it in the digest and understood the same way, but was not sure. Like I said earlier, just wanted to make sure.
    You are right though, i will keep reading the digest :-)

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    goodluck this year

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    No bowhunting? Welcome to America!

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