Zone 63-80 deer died due to this EHD
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    I recieved this e-mail this morning from [email protected] figured I would pass it on to you guys;

    The NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife's Office of Fish and Wildlife Health and Forensics (OFWHF) reports that Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) has been confirmed in Deer Management Zone 63 in Salem County. A total of 80 deer are believed to have died due to this EHD outbreak from mid-September to mid-October, 2010. The virus is transmitted from infected deer via biting midge flies. The disease is not transmissible to humans. Because cold weather terminates midge activity the outbreak is not expected to spread further. Deer which are unable to stand and are drooling or emitting foam from the mouth and nose could be suffering from EHD. Similarly, those found dead in the water or near the water with no apparent wounds should be considered suspect EHD cases and the OFWHF should be notified immediately by calling 908-735-6398. For more information on the outbreak visit on the division's website.

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    I have seen it first hand many years ago.
    The act of killing is visceral .......

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    Yep, very dry Summer's are the culprit, which of course we had this year.


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