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    Right where you go to school is 42, there is some pretty descent swamp between ACCC and Route 50. I would take a walk behind Parkin Lot 1. Looks like a good place to start.
    I believe that is zone 26

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    I believe that is zone 26
    It's 42. Route 322 is the line in that area. South of Rt. 322 is DMZ 42, North of Rt. 322 is DMZ 26. That area near ACCC used to be DMZ 33, but 33 and 42 were combined (DMZ 42) a few years back.
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    Like I told you already come hunt with us in 57 next year and I will show you big herds of deer

    This one was on Monday afternoon...

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    Wondering if you killed anything yet. I was in the same situation last year. You would be really surprised how many people you meet everyday that have deer in there back yards. I have about four spots just from asking them if I can bowhunt there. Often times there are 200 acre blocks of woods with 1 acre residence's surrounding them. The owner of the other 195 acres might live in california, and careless what happens. look for these spots. I see deer everyday on them. Being in the military I've hunted whitetails all over. If its meat your after zone 42 is about as good as it gets. Its a suburan deer hunting mecca. I know a spot you might want to check.

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    Go behind ACCC. Huge piece of woods and lots of deer. I used to hunt there alot.
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