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    Cedar Lake WMA

    Hey everyone looking to get out a little early this year so was going to hunt public land in Z25 was thinking about Cedar Lake, any info would be great such as hunting pressure or any special regulation I didn't see, or if deer even exist in there. I'm not used to hunting this close to civilization being from South Dakota and Alaska I'm just trying to be informed so I can be safe and not cause trouble for others.

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    I don't know anything about that specific area. I see you are new here. NJ people are very protective of "their" hunting spots. I have hunted many places where people offered their farm to me for a spot that they put me in. These were in other states lol
    You must be crying coming from those places to here! I want to move to South Dakota ! I hope someone helps you bust most times you just have to try a place to know. If you are willing to walk a mile you will rarely see another hunter in this state.
    Most including myself stay within a quarter mile of a road. Welcome to NJ and I wish you the best this season

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    Not much action at Cedar Lake except ATVs and dirt bikes, on the northern end go to the southern end down by the railroad tracks off Jackson rd.
    " Trout don't rise in the cemetery, so fish while you're able."
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