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Thread: Private hunting land

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    Post Private hunting land

    I am a transplanted PA lifelong hunter. I love everything about it and I am a hardcore bow hunter. My wife works in NYC so we moved over here to help her out with commute. I've been keeping an eye out for spots cause it's just habit. I've noticed areas like WINDSOR and robbinsville have some nice farms. I've also seen a lot of swamp and big woods. I don't see a lot of posted signs though. In PA almost every other tree has a posted sign on it. I have a lot of good property to hunt in PA but nothing over here. I want to avoid any public land of possible. If it's like PA it's nothing but trouble and a sea of orange. I like scouting in late winter early fall cause you can still see sign and there's no foliage.I plan on knocking on some doors like I used to in PA before I found my spots. Any tips on are or approach I should take. I am a plumber and have a plumbing truck which I plan to use to my advantage. I've been hunting for about 25 years but I have no ego and I will take all info or help anybody can offer. My main thing is finding the area where the biggest deer usually are taken. Then I'll narrow it down and figure it out from there. Any and all help is needed my friends. I'm totally lost over here lol. I look at some of these spots with no posted signs and I say nah it can't be....that's too good to be true. Thanks in advance for any help and have a good 2016.

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    Just cause it's not posted doesn't mean the owner will allow hunting. It's tough getting permission, but not impossible. Don't totally put off public land. There is some GREAT hunting property (public) in north NJ. Look into zone 1, and 4. During bow season I never see other hunters on the few pieces I hunt up there. I don't gun hunt up there tho. Good luck finding some land, but definitely look into some public land up north.

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    If you are willing to put in the leg work for public land you can find some great spots where you will never see another hunter. I have 1 spot on the Fed land and another in Zone 5 that I have never seen another hunter even during 6 day. And I have taken a few nice bucks out of those spots.
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    Read the digest. It'll give you lists of public WMA's in all zones. As for private land, you just have to put in the leg work. And like hunter115522 said, just because it's not posted doesn't mean it's public land or hunt able. And hunting private land man is all about leg work or just knowing people that have land. Over the past few months I've been talking to people and turns out they actually don't mind if I hunt their land lol. So it's all about making connections or putting the leg work in and knocking on doors.

    But don't knock public land. During peak deer hunting hours I've never seen other hunters or hikers on public land during bow season. People don't want to hike that early and that late I've noticed. But no offense, unless a club offers a spot on here, it'll be tough to get spots by asking for them on a public forum. Especially since you want to hunt where "the big deer are". You've been hunting for 25 years so I'm sure you know how hard it is to get private spots. Especially in this state. Put the leg work in, hunt public land. You'll love it.

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    Knock on doors. I've picked up a lot of property that way.

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    I look for land for sale signs. Go to the local municipality and get tax records then email who owns it and ask to hunt it in a professional way. Offer them a reasonable fee to offset taxes.
    Good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miller View Post
    If you are willing to put in the leg work for public land you can find some great spots where you will never see another hunter. I have 1 spot on the Fed land and another in Zone 5 that I have never seen another hunter even during 6 day. And I have taken a few nice bucks out of those spots.
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    It may sound stupid, but start in the spring asking farmers ansd such if they have a groundhog problem. Ive parlaiyed (however ya spell it) 2 properties to deer hunting by helping out with the dirt grizzlies first. Like i said it might sound dumb, but it worked for me. Actually had a 3rd property, 125 acres, until the landowners grandson picked up hunting. Whick is totally understandable that he wanted it kept for him now the he started hunting.

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