Private property can suck too
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    Private property can suck too

    So of course regarding my last post about the ladder stand i expected the hunter to be their today. I got in this am and heard a shot from what sounded to be a crossbow, then 15 mins later a more suppressed shot which i can assume is a bow. Well two guys were in the one stand. I sat till 10 while the two of them stomped around the woods, stepping on every branch in their path, talking loud to each other and so forth. The one guy was walking circles time after time like something new was going to pop up in the same path he already checked. Right on the property line. Got out and planned to come back this pm. Got their only to find another truck parked at the same property. Thats three different people hunting the same stand. Deer were on the property i have permission to hunt but i decided to not even gear up and head in out of respect for the hunter there. Clearly they have permission to use the owners property because they use his driveway but damn what a let down. Tomorrow is another day, hopefully ill get my turn.
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    I have several hundred of private acres to hunt, an I still bow hunt more on state land.


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