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    Got Turkeys?

    I always wanted to try turkey hunting, but know very little. But this new place I got, the turkeys are popping up all over. I go out with one of those call boxes. the ones with the chalk and a sliding top? Not sure if I'm doing it right or not but nothing. Ten minutes later I take the loud piped Ironhead out for a ride and I see a big tom down my road cross the road. About 3pm. I slow down to take a look and all of a sudden the beast comes flying out in front of me and takes flight into the cedars next to my house! Whoa! I've seen hens down by the lake an a tom roosting high in a tree at the end of my driveway. I seen a dozen at a time in farm fields across the street. Is it too late to get a permit for Bell mead, zone 12? 9? And can anybody tell me a few tips? LOL!!! I know its way too late, but I didn't expect this action, I wasn't here at this time last year. TS
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    zone 9 is available, only weeks b,c ,d.... the first week is sold out, and saturdays are sold out.

    zone 12 is sold out

    (dont forget, zones for turkey are different than deer zones)

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    Assunpink has a whole bunch of them .It seems no matter where i walked they were there .Cant wait til opening day!!!


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