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    Man, you guys got me under pressure! Funny part is I go way out to the farthest part of the property to get away from the neighbors quads, my dog and wife walk that path all the time, it is the main path we walk going out to the stands in the woods. This is just about 200 yards max from my back yard, next to a cut in the fence to the fields. There is travel there, but I don't hunt there for a couple years due to the human/dog traffic. But here, I get the biggest buck I ever saw in all the years I lived here. Can't wait to check the cam in the morning.

    To tell ya the truth, I keep thinking it was a 1 time fluke. I dunno, but I will find out either way. I have been seeing more big bucks and deer in general here this year that normal. Saw a couple nice 8 points and a big 6 point with Rob the day we put that cam out plus plenty of does. Too far out in the field for a shot, but still...

    The cam will tell the story I guess...stay tuned.
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    You're over think'in T. He's in the area, don't get disouraged if he's not on the cam today, I think he'll be back. Hunt him and shoot straight. Good Luck bro.

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