Well, the pet smart classes are working well.

Submissive urination, my mannerisms, and incorrect enforcement, all contributing factors, and he is doing GREAT!

Remmy is responding well to his training again. I have learned a few things that have helped me maintain his attention without being intimidating.

The issue with not being sure what to do with a chucker at my 1 NAVHDA day is gone!. THANK YOU TO WHOMEVER gave me the bird to freeze and work with him!

Today we went into a high grass field. My buddy had released quail and some chucker. This was remmy's first time in high grass, and first time with live birds in the field.


When I first took the leash off he stayed with me until I have the command. Then he started running all around, hopping, chasing butterflies and nose up in the air.. then he changed direction and started zig zagging back and forth about 35 feet in front of me all on his own.

What ever direction I faced is where he stayed AND when I pointed with my hand he went in that direction. Now here comes the funny part.

He zig zagged and came around and checked with me. When he got scent, he was nose up and down and his tail got real quick and his actions were more direct, if that makes sense.

He took us to the birds and pointed the first two quail for about 10 seconds then rushed in and the birds flew up. He watched them and chased them for 4 second when they flew but then went back to the ground and nose in the air.

He found about 6 quail and a couple my buddy and I didn't even think were there. He crawled through the grass on his belly, he went up and over and under, it was amazing to see the 5.5 month old pup work like this. I felt so good seeing him hunt these birds.

We did this for about an hour and he was tired. I gave him water at the truck and he relaxed on the back seat. When we got home it was a bath and he is now asleep in his crate with his gate open. Pooped out.

Now to find someone to assist with the rest of his hunting training. I have already been working with him with the sound conditioning and he is fine. we are working with 209 primers and starter pistol.