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Thread: Choosing a rifle for deer hunting the northeast

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeStaten View Post
    PA does not allow semi autos for deer hunting.
    Makes a good case for Remington pump rifles.
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    Rem 760 or 7600 pump carbine in 30-06. P.a. does not allow semi auto,great brush gun,multiple bullet weights available, very accurate and relatively cheap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by briar View Post
    Winchester,model 70,(bolt gun) cal. 270 will do it all
    Great gun to take to the range and shoot all day long, mild recoil.
    Super flat .

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigGameHunter View Post
    Stay away from 30-06 and Remington 760 or 7600 Gamemaster pumps. You need a bolt action in 270 Win. Preferably a Winchester New Haven Model 70.
    Good advice. The 270 is a great round, and i even here that the newer Winchesters are worth a look.
    I'm also surprised that nobody mentioned a older model Marlin 336 or a Savage Model 99, either of which are considered to be classic (and classiest) northeast rifles. Topped with a Weaver scope, and its all you would ever need.

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    If you looking for a new bolt gun I would go with a savage they light years ahead of remingtion and Winchester. Pumps or levers you will want older models cause Marlin and remingtion making trash right now.

    Its all personal taste you hunting a thick swamp no need for a 300 mag. Use a pump gun in 308 or a lever in 45-70. Just as if you was sitting over a cut corn field I would not want my lever in my hands.

    Long stiry you want one rifle buy a older model remingtion 7600 in 3006. You can kill every thing

    ps my savage 220 twenty gauge kicks harder then my savage bear hunter in 338 magnum with a muzzy break as long as the mags have a break they ok
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    If you can live with a gloss finish look at a straight grip Browning BLR in .308

    BLR Lightweight `81, Box Magazine Lever-Action Hunting Rifle, Browning Firearms Product
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    Quote Originally Posted by mainebux View Post
    That is some of the worst advice that I've seen on this site, sorry, but it truly is.
    Hunting the list of states you want to hunt, the Remington pumps are ideal.
    I have a few in .30-06 but prefer my model six in .308 .
    Bolt guns, pumps, lever guns, semi's, buy what you are comfortable hunting with but more importantly it is all about shot placement not how big a round you're shooting.
    My last two bucks shot in Maine(2013, 2014) were taken with a .25-06, 100 grain core-loks.
    I think most guys have realized to pay no attention to biggame hunters posts.

    To the OP I would probably recommend a bolt action for a first rifle. Easy to learn use and operate safely and caliber options are endless. 30-06 and 308 would be my first choices.
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    Weatherby series 2 vanguard. It's about $500 guaranteed 3 shot MOA. Great trigger, ect. You will not find a bad review of this rifle. I keep trying to find a reason to buy one for myself. As for calibers, 7mm08, 308, 30/06, 270,7 mm rem mag, it does not matter! Any will kill any deer at any sane distance.
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    Stainless Synthetic Bolt action in 30-06, 270 Win or 308, will handle whitetails, bear and elk. I like Browning, Remington, Winchester and Weatherby (Tikka also). Savage makes a Model 111 with a Nikon scope that can't be beat, check out GunBroker. Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikejd View Post
    To the OP I would probably recommend a bolt action for a first rifle. Easy to learn use and operate safely and caliber options are endless. 30-06 and 308 would be my first choices.
    My thoughts exactly. Started with a Browning A-bolt in .270 but went to a Sig Sauer 202 in 30.06 for NY State. Both are easy rounds to get anywhere in a semi civilized world.

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