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    New ShotGun .

    hi everyone ,
    dont know if im posting in the right place or not, but here it goes,

    I´m looking at buying a new Shotgun, Was thinking of the SX4. Is there anyone here that has one ? Whats your feed back on them ?

    thanks Tony

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    Sent you a PM... actually sent you two.
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    I have the sx2 and love it, fairly light and handles all shhells from 2 3'4 to 3 1/2 "
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    I prefer to shoot side by sides however they do take some getting used to. The barrels sit lower than an autoloader or an over / under. Shooting a side by side it is more of an instinctive shot rather than blocking out the bird using either a O/U or autoloader. The recoil on either an autoloader or O/U is vertical which gets one on the target faster when a second shot is needed. Then there is the question on a side by side of a single trigger or double trigger which does take some getting used to. They can get pricey when you talk about box lox versus side locks, gauge size and engraving. If you are considering one they are fun to shoot generally weigh less in gauge choice and better balanced. All things considered are based on a budget you are looking to spend.

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    I will never see the fascination of side by sides. I have owned and shot them my entire life ( since the late 60's) I have owned some great ones and some beat up shooters. Compared to a o/u or a nice autoloader they just seem harder to control. I guess my best comparison would be a trojan grade parker and a browning superposed I have owned in the past. The superposed had it all over the parker, but that's just my take.


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