Triceratops, Pteradactls, Wooly Mammoths
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    Triceratops, Pteradactls, Wooly Mammoths

    There is a lot of ignorance and misunderstanding out there relating to conservation issues, highlighted by Mark Dice:

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    I must acknowledge the skills you got in editing pictures and making them unbelievable. Once I asked my friend to write college essays for money and he said yes. As we all know that the dinosaurs do not exist and you are sitting one of them it means that you have edited your picture. I would love to ask you edit one picture for me as well.

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    Not to mention I find it highly unlikely you are dropping that thing with the rifle he is holding in that pic. Looks like a .30/.30 lever action of which I am the proud owner of one. Awesome rifle and packs a whallop but you ain't bringing down anything that size with it. LOL!
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