Compound Bows and Archery bows
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    Lightbulb Compound Bows and Archery bows

    The compound bow and archery bow are similar in purpose, but differ in a lot more ways. They are built differently, especially on where the energy is placed. Long bows are simple in that they reflect the kind of energy that is given to them, whereas compound bows have that additional factor of the mechanism that is included in the compound bow, making it have more power from the same energy input.

    Compound bows have a benefit, as well, of additional add-ons that can help with the accuracy.
    Because of more complexity to the bow, the compound bow is traditionally and generally priced higher than a long archery bow, which may range from 100 – 200 dollars, while a compound bow is about 400 dollars.

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    Is there purpose to this thread?

    I am deplorable

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    Archery pertains to Bows, arrows and the like. The comparison of the two pieces of equipment mentioned would be compounds and stickbows or traditional equipment. And your point????


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