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Thread: Zone 8 so friggin quiet

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    I had the exact same experience in the 80's. RT 78 and 80 were filled with orange clad guys in trucks and stops at diners and ended with the checkstation. Good ole days.

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    Woj I just got home from Stokes. Yesterday was the absolute worse opener I have ever been a part of. Only shots I heard all day were from 12pm to 2pm. Maybe 2 shots at dark.

    We must really start thinking about the future of our sport. Without the youngsters it is doomed. We need to promote like never before. The next time a newbie asks for help on here everyone please think twice before giving them a hard time. I remember a time when finding a spot to park at Stokes on 6 day was hard. Yesterday you could have parked anywhere. I saw 4 guys in 2 days of hunting.

    I did get to meet bucnadoe (Bill) up there. That was worth the trip. A great guy that wants nothing more than to spend the week with his son in the woods. I hope his son gets a slammer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevo View Post
    The next time a newbie asks for help on here everyone please think twice before giving them a hard time.
    I have always tried to help new guys even being new myself. Have pm'ed quite a few guys offering them my stand so they can shoot a deer or even their first deer. Always offered to help them scout or hang a stand but most don't accept or answer.

    I will continue to always offer to help, as I wish I had someone offer to come help me or show me the ropes, but I am glad I learned a majority by trial and error and now I am seeing a lot more deer. I had 2 people offer then flake out.
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