NJH - Thoughts On Youth Get Togethers
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    NJH - Thoughts On Youth Get Togethers

    Hello my friends.

    The kids are going nuts to get outside and pretty much do any kind of fishing or hunting they can these last couple months. Ice fishing with our friend Mark has been great.

    I've been wanting to try and set my girls (Dylan-11 and Gabby-8) up to meet others their age that shoot, hunt or fish wherever I can and that their schedules with other activities will allow. It's not always easy.

    I was wondering if there were any other parents with kids/youths that would want to put together some informal get togethers to trap shoot/barbaque or shoreline fish/picnic, archery shooting....... once the weather warms up. The restaurant get togethers for the adults at various times of the year are cool for several of the adult members but the kids are limited to sit with where their parents are and can't socialize.

    I'm bored at work, it snowed all day yesterday and the kids are bouncing off a wall with cabin fever and to be honest, so am I. Just spitballing an idea to see what you all think. Not saying that it has to be a formal club of any kind but I'm sick of organized sport BS.

    I was going to suggest that maybe some forum members with kids go to the hatchery campout at the end of June to fish at the hatchery if they have it again. Awesome time for the kids and it doesn't exactly suck as adults to fish in the pond. NOTE: You actually have to be part of the weekend campout to fish...

    Let me know.

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    I brought my kids to the various NJH get togethers over the years...But they're all grown up now. LOL
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    So that I may be blessed with the bounty you provide

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