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Thread: Parent of New Shooter/Hunter Question

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    from the " for what it's worth department"
    Awhile back I had occasion to attend some training conducted by members of the Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU). As a former marine I hate to admit it but the AMU is presently the best in the world at competative shooting in multiple disciplines. One of the instructors (who is left handed) has shot her entire career in High Power as a lefty. After she joined the AMU, it came to light she was right eye dominate. They had her change over to shooting right handed. She reported it was very hard for about two weeks and then she adapted. Her average scores have increased and she reports being quite comfortable shooting from righty after a life time (OK, 22 yrs is a life time to her) of shooting south paw.
    Again, "for what it's worth"

    Once, I was a very young Marine, Long long ago!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pathman View Post
    Can't agree with your statements packer. Closing one eye to aim, which you MUST do if you're shooting cross dominantly, is not the prescribed method that any instructor would recommend. That's firearm or archery. Believe me, plenty of research has already been done on this topic.
    Pathman you missed my point. I didn't say anything about passed research that has already been done on this issue. I said for Buckfever to do more research on it before he makes up HIS mind as what to do. In what little researching I've done there is not a definitive answer to this that I have found. Like others on this site, telling him one way or the other, my suggestion was for him to wait before he makes any decisions about his problem.

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    We made the change, too.

    One of my boys is left-eyed. He fought me on it at the time I was forcing him to mount guns differently, but he got comfortable with it pretty quickly as I remember. (He mounts plenty of right-handed guns from the other side without problem)

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    In what little researching I've done there is not a definitive answer to this
    without getting into a 10 page, popcorn making, pissing match here, there certainly IS a definitive answer to this very old dilemma. The data is clear that a change to shooting from your dominant eye side is without question the best way to gain the highest level of proficiency possible.
    Id be interested to see any reputable instructor recommend otherwise. Barring a physical handicap of some sort of course.

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    i shoot guns left handed and bows right just a hunter so i say if you practice you will become better,unless shes gonna join the swat team or something let her do whats comfortable..

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    I shot right handed for years (looking across my guns and bows) . About 8 years ago I switched to lefty. I am right handed left eye dominant . It took a while to be co ordinated with my shooting and nocking an arrow but it was better in the end. I am 100% lefty now. Never shot better with bow for sure.

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    teach to the dominant eye always
    Hunting....Its All About The Gear!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodtrails View Post
    Change her NOW. She will thank you later. Much easier and better to shoot from your dominant side with both eyes open.
    This recommendation is spot on.

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    Im Right handed, but left eye dominant, and found out when I first started shooting. (younger than 10.cant remember) So I taught myself how to shoot lefty. Ive only ever owned 1 lefty gun. and it felt so foreign to me I sold it again. I shoot Rifle lefty, but can in a pinch shoot righty. Shotgun just as good either way, and usually think about what side I just shot as an afterthought, and usually mount to whatever shoulder is easiest for the shot. Pistol, I shoot righty, slingshot I always shot lefty, but could never get used to pulling a lefty bow, So I cant use a peep sight, and use 2 kisser buttons instead at 2 anchor points in my face, and do well. Im going to try again on a left bow next time though..It just never quite works out. So there are some advantages too. Especially when you start at the beginning. Its all learning, no trying to break already established habits.
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    Why don't you try a little right handed shooting and see how it goes? You can always cover the eye that she is having trouble closing, like others have said. With a little practice she will be able to close it, I bet. My girls had the same issue with closing one eye and having the other open! Like you, I always shoot with one eye closed and am not convinced that you will do any better with both eyes open. If she is really uncomfortable with it she can always shoot lefty like she likes. Keep her happy, little girls can be emotional! You obviously have managed pretty well over the years shooting with one eye; and the wrong one to boot! Good luck.
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