Disappointed With My Smoked Venison . . .
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    One of my Christmas Gifts this year was an electric smoker so I decided that today would be the day to break it in. I followed the instrictions to Pre-Season the smoker earlier today. This morning, I had 8 full length back-straps defrosted that I poked heavily with a a fork and had marinating with a combination of citrusy bbq sauces. Anyway, I used cherry wood chips and smoked the back straps, all which were cut in half, so I had 16 pieces on a total of 4 trays, 200 degrees for 3 hours. The flavor was great, but for one thing I am used to eating my venison very very rare and secondly, it seemed very dry even though I had a try of water in the smoker and I kept the vents closed to help keep moisture in.

    Any ideas what I may have done wrong or how to keep the venison more rare and moist in the future?
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    dont know much about smokers, bowhunter444 would be the guy to ask....but maybe because the backstraps are so lean?

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    i heard if you wrap in tinfoil and put some holes in it that helps keep it moist. but thats the only thing i wont smoke is venison cause i like it rare also and smoking it makes it to dry. as you just found out

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    Don't know much about smokers, but kiddo, I would have tested it with a lot less meat first try.
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    Probly just a little to long cooking time, I like mine very rare also. I would try keeping the straps whole and checking periodicly with a thermometer

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    Cut it to 2 hrs, 180 degrees, and try thicker slices.

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    The cooking time is too long, but I hate electric smokers, Also how thick were they cut? If it was too thin then it will be dry at 3 hrs. I did some today ground up and muscle meat sliced 1/2 inch. Both are fantastic.

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    I find I have the same problem doing roasts in the slow cooker. (I now add bacon and have shortened the cooking time). How about chopping 20 - 30 minutes off the cooking time?

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    Wow thats rough, all that hard earned venison. Check often when smoking, take a piece out and cut........ no fat so it has to be done on the rare side for it to be enjoyable, otherwise its leathery and dry..

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    Venison back straps aren't a good meat to smoke as it does not have enough fat. It will never come off of any kind of pit moist and tender.

    Think about all the prime cuts for BBQ for pigs or beef: Shoulders, briskets, ribs......all terrible cuts of meat from a grilling perspective with lots of fat and connective tissue. Slow and low melts the fat into the meat to keep it moist and the connective tissue / collagen breaks down into gelatin.

    If you want to get venison moist and falling apart or pull it then you really need to braise slowly it in tons of liquid. Quite frankly I don't think I'd use the back straps for that. I still don't think you'd get the result you are looking for. You should try a roast cut..

    For your back straps, you were already doing things right...cooking over super high heat and eating it very rare.

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