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Thread: Big Woods Scouting

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    white oak trees that are producing acorns

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    Down the pines playing the wind is crucial! Its whisper quiet down there so sit still. Hunt with a club every year buck week but just started muzzleloadin down there and shot a nice 8 last year. Like previous posts state, for some reason piney deer love hills.

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    Get a hand held GPS. Early season start- speed scout by driving the dirt roads around the blocks looking for tracks. Mark crossings on the road. Then do the same with fire trails. Find white oaks dropping acorns. Then try following deer trails til you bump the bedded deer to figure out the current pattern. Add the way points on google earth and you'll see a pattern. Then try stand locations and trail cams if you have 'em.

    About Halloween do it again but find scrapes. If you walk enough deer trails you will find a pattern of scrapes in a rough line. Hunt along those lines where you see fresher tracks.

    It may take a year to figure out an areas patterns. You might disturb the deer too much the first yr. But the next year after you find scrapes in the same general areas and lines you will be confident to build on the prior yrs experience without walking everywhere. The early acorns drop time you have to move around a bit. But you should have marked the white oak locations.. But I have found the scrape lines seem to be more permanent yr to yr. And do not give up just because the drivers went through during shotgun season. A couple times I have gotten small bucks about 2 hrs after the drivers passed through.
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