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New Member Introduction

If you are new to the site please introduce yourself in here. If you have questions on how to use the site this is the place to ask!
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General Comments & Information

Everything about New Jersey hunting NOT related to Small Game, Deer, Bear, or Turkey. For example, rules & regulations, non-bear political action, general comments, equipment, recipes, guns, cooking, etc. Hunting related only!!
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NewJerseyHunter Meet Up

Want to meet up for a shoot, meeting, event, or hunt?
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Hunting Clubs & Land Leases

Looking for membership, members, or information? Or are you looking to lease land?
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Road Survey

The place to report road kills and animal sightings while driving around the state New Jersey. Please report the sightings in your backyard too!
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Deer, turkey, small game, bass, trout, striper, etc... anything related to a contest belongs here.
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Field Testing and Evaluation

This is the place to test, evaluate, and review manufacturer products and services. Do they work as advertised? Are they a "step above" the competition?
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Maps, Maps, and Maps

This is the place to talk about finding, acquiring, and viewing New Jesey maps. Find those game birds and animals!
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Wildlife Management

Food plots, land management, baiting, etc. This not about WMA's.
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How To

The place to post ideas in order to help others improve their hunting and fishing. For example, how to boresite a rifle/shotgun, proper tree stand placement, etc. Do not post questions about NJH features.
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Game Recipes

Looking for game meat recipes? Share your unique wild game recipes.
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Youth Hunters

A place for the young bucks and does to discuss hunting, games, and whatever else. All IP's are monitored.
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In Remembrance...

This forum is dedicated to remembering those members who may be gone but not forgotten.
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Gun Dogs

Gun Dog Training

Everything about Gun Dog Training
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Show us your Gun Dog

Where everyone can share pics of their Gun Dog
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Gun Dog Upland Hunting

Where you can discuss everything related to your Gun Dog while Upland Hunting
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New Jersey Fishing


Everything about fishing in New Jersey. Includes fresh water, salt water, and hardwater.
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The place to discuss everything about bow-fishing, from spots to gear.
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New Jersey Deer, Bear & Turkey Hunting
New Jersey Archery

Traditional Archery

Dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in archery. Warning: More Skill Required.
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What more needs to be said? Be Nice!
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Compound Bow

Compound Bow Forum. General Discussions on the Compound Bow.
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New Jersey Trapping

Trappers Lounge

Forum dedicated to the discussion of trapping in New Jersey.
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New Jersey Firearms


Shotgun Forums. General discussion on all types of shotguns.
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NJ Firearms ID Card & Gun Permits

The trials and tribulations of receiving a firearms identification card. And yes... even trying to own/buy a gun in NJ as well as current/future gun laws.
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Long Rifles & Muzzleloaders

Long Rifle and Muzzleloader Forum. General discussions on everything from the Colt AR15 to the Thompson Bone Collector and everything in between.
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Handgun Forum. General discussions on all types of handguns. Semi-automatics to Six Shooters.
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New Jersey Small Game & Waterfowl Hunting

Small Game Action

All small game action NOT related to a specific northern, central, or southern region. In addition, this forum is the place for any trapping information.
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All waterfowl action NOT related to a specific north, coastal, or south zone.
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Predator Hunting

For all of you Predator Hunters.
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New Jersey Hunter Marketplace

Classifieds (Free)

The New Jersey Hunter Classifieds. Got something to sell? Trade? Give away? This is the place.
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Classifieds - Non Hunting/Fishing

Got something to sell? Trade? Give away? Post all Non Hunting/Fishing items in here.
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Wanted to Buy

Please Post Wanted to Buy Items here.
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Vendor Member Section

Vendor Deals

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Camera Land

Camera Land - 866-9optics
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Community Help Section

Community Help

Need help with the new forum software? Then you're in the right place! (VBulletin Software How To's)
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New Jersey Hunter Polls

Post a poll and get the entire New Jersey Hunter community to vote!
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  1. General Comments & Information
    So I just started hunting and I have only gone out for squirrel. I like it because it is pretty easy and I can take my kid. I am always on public land. The first couple weeks I had the woods to myself but did see some stands and bait piles. Now archery season has started and there will be...
  2. Hello everyone. I am selling my compound bow, its all set up and ready to hunt with. Used lightly over one season and is in great condition. It is a 2017 PSE Vendetta VX that is ready to go. The bow comes attached with: Wrist Sling 5-pin Sight Drop Away Arrow Rest Stabilizer It also comes...
  3. I'm trying to find out how much a wing archery co., falcon, 62" model- fa728, 26 lb. Target bow in really good shape is worth.
  4. Gun Dog Training
    Trouble age 5 months working on birds.
  5. Fairly new to Jersey its the first time I’ll be going out waterfowl hunting this year and with my job and COVID I didn’t luck out and have extra scouting or any preseason scouting this year. I starting looking into hunting State forests like Wharton And BTByrne for walk-in or kayak hunt (duck...
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