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    My brother wants to buy a crossbow and we found one he likes at dicks sporting goods online but the website says it can't be shipped to nj. Do you need a firearms ID card to buy a crossbow or something? I have a compound bow and I bought it fine just being 18 years old...?

    Also, what do you think of the bow.

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    Personally, I've never heard of or had any experienve with the "Arrow" Brand. So I might suggest staying with one of the major manufacturers.

    As far as shipping to NJ, I've been going round and round with a few of the Big Companies(I'll have to call Dicks now) about shipping to NJ. So far I've gotten Cabela's to change their policy and it looks like Bass Pro will follow soon. They are just SO paranoid about the LAWS in NJ. But now that Xbows are LEGAL to hunt with here, the Major retail companies are beginning to rethink their policies.
    And believe me when you start talking to the "LAWYERS" in the Legal Depts. of these big chain stores, your head starts to hurt !!

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    The Inferno line of crossbows are made by
    Arrow-precision. They have several models. I've not read any reviews, nor can I find any. Based strictly on cost, I'd suggest that you are probably going to get what you pay for. To answer your other question, no you do not need an FID to get a crossbow.

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    Cheapest one I've ever seen since Save your money and upgrade this one has to be junk and will break

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    That thing is a toy. I would wait till you can get a name brand.


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