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Thread: message to the nj deer drivers

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    Quote Originally Posted by PineBoy2013 View Post
    someone in my club just showed me your post and i want to let you knw that before you and your freinds decide to start driving at places you had better ask other clubs when they will be driving. you can ask me and i will tell you where are club will be because we have been doing drives for years and we dont need anyone showing up on the same days and screwing up our drives making things dangerous so someone gets hurt or killed.

    LOL I think what we have here is some lowlife stirring the pot I would bet this is just meant to cause some friction between the drivers what an idiot if you do belong to a club post the name and be a man about....
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    all you guys can say whatever you want to but im just letting them know that if they mess up our drive we are not going to be happy about it so they just better let us know where they are and what time they will be driving at. my club has been driving on 6 day for a long time and we are no happy some pa guys are going to try and come to nj and start orginizing drives. just letting them know so we dont have a problem.
    Come this guy is obviously a Troll and just posted this (his first) to stir things up. At least I hope so if not maybe you can post the times and locations that way everybody can drive it before you get there. If the drives overlap just have your cop friends flash their badges and clear the woods.
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    If your new to drives on WMA's and not sure what to do, just follow the spray paint on the trees. Circles are the lines and X's are where to stand
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    Quote Originally Posted by not on the rug View Post
    wow, imagine that? 2 groups of ignorant goons, armed to the teeth, and pissed off over who is going to yell "yo buck.". remind me to start skipping 6 day from now on
    This is why I stopped gun hunting. Its become dangerous to your health.
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    Driving Deer is fine.Its been around for Centries.It is also the most inconsiderate thing a person can do when its on State WMA's.There are OTHER people in the woods besides YOU!!!!!! Its like stealing.
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    we have beem driving the same places for years and evryone knows who we our and where we drive so we dont need to tell any new guys from pa where we our. i told that guy to talk to me and i will let him know where we our.
    Pineboy - do they teach english in your club - our and are - not the same word
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    Close enough though
    It only takes a second to clip in. Stay safe and hunt smart.

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    Hey F-off pineboy. I hunt when I want!

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    To the guys that have private property, this is why we cherish it.... The level of ignorance in this state is astounding... If i was a deer I would try to choke myself to death on acorns before I let one of these clowns Shoot me....
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    Lmaooooooooo you douches bitch about other clubs driving State land how you think the father and his son feels after your orange army comes by ????????

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